Ophthalmology Unit

Alcon | Refractive Surgery

A Truly Integrated System, the WaveLight® Refractive Suite Optimizes Your Talent by Featuring:

alcon ex 500 iclinic augenklinik 1

  • The world’s fastest platform, combining a 500 Hz excimer laser and a 200 kHz femtosecond laser
  • The broadest range of customized, patient-specific treatments available
  • Seamless data transfer within WaveNet, an integrated network
  • A small footprint for reduced space requirements
  • A swivel bed for simplified patient positioning and enhanced patient comfort
  • Enhanced efficiency, comfort, and ease-of-use in a sleek, confidence-inspiring design

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LensAR | Femto Cataract

Customizable surgeon preferences


Surgeon preferences can be adjusted as needed for unparalleled control. Additionally, the surgeon has the option to center the anterior capsulotomy over the optical axis of the crystalline lens or over the pupil center in an attempt to maximize effective lens positioning (ELP) — another unique LENSAR feature. Since most of the parameters are preloaded into the software based on your surgical preferences, treatment can begin soon after imaging, with very little additional input required.


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Optikon | Ophthalmic Equipment

Optikon | Phaco & VIT Machines

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Optikon was created in 1966 for the sole purpose of developing new ophthalmological technology with the highest quality and accuracy so that eye professionals have the tools to optimize their patients’ eyesight.

Today Optikon has more than 100 employees and a well-established manufacturing capability, but our approach has not changed: every day we provide answers for clinical and surgical problems.

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PhysIOL | IOLs








A complete range of innovative intraocular lenses for cataract treatment

Our unique technologies G-Free, Double C-loop and FINE are the foundation of our optical solutions that benefit long term clinical outcomes and safety in terms of raw material, platform and spectacle independence.

Patented technologies offering long term safety and optimal clinical outcomes for cataract and refractive surgery


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Optomed | Portable Fundus Camera








Medical technology company Optomed is a leading manufacturer of handheld fundus cameras globally.

By integrating our software and Artificial Intelligence solutions with our cameras, we enable eye screening for everyone – wherever they are.

OptomedAurora logo BLUE




Optomed Aurora is our latest handheld fundus camera, which has been designed to meet our customers’ needs, both in usability and image quality.

The camera is made for examination and documentation of the retina for various eye diseases and neurological disorders.

The Aurora camera is non-mydriatic, which means there is no need for pupil dilatation when imaging the fundus. It has a 50-degree field-of-view which is useful especially in diabetic retinopathy screening. The Aurora camera can be easily integrated into different hospital systems.

Optomed Aurora

 Aurora camera01









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ZEPTO® | Precision Cataract Surgery

Zepto Capsulotomy System

zepto hand

Zepto Precision Cataract Surgery provides consistent, high quality anterior lens capsulotomies during cataract surgery in a convenient, cost-effective, disposable format. One of the key features is a collapsible super-elastic nitinol capsulotomy ring element with micron scale elements to create the unique and strong Zepto capsulotomy edge. It also has a clear silicone suction cup to enable suction and generate Zepto’s proprietary capsulotomy action and to allow Zepto capsulotomies on the patient’s individual visual axis.

Zepto integrates seamlessly into the routine steps of cataract surgery with phacoemulsification. The surgeon does not need to alter his or her normal routine. Instead of capsulorrhexis forceps or a cystitome, the surgeon simply reaches for Zepto.

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NorLase | Portable Retinal Laser


Redefining Laser Photocoagulator Treatment


LEAF’s smart ultra-compact design allows you to conveniently attach the entire laser unit to an existing slit lamp, eliminating the need for a cart or counter space to house the laser console.

Perform laser therapy in almost any exam room, with minimal set-up time and physical space required.

LEAF’s fibreless design reduces costly service repairs common with other laser technology.



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SHIN-NIPPON by Rexxam | Ophtha-OPD Solutions


Digital Diagnostic devices for Ophthalmic Units

img 004

img 002 img 001 img 009

Medical and ophthalmic instruments of SHIN-NIPPON by Rexxam.

We provides safe ophthalmic medical care equipments with a complete range of innovative diagnostic devices for ophthalmic clinics.


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MERIDIAN AG | Ophthalmic lasers



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MERIDIAN engages in the development and commercialization of products and procedures used to treat sight­threat­en­ing eye conditions. Our products consist of laser consoles, delivery devices, protection filters and consum­able instrumentation, including laser probes. MERIDIAN operates through distributors worldwide. MERIDIAN products stand for highest precision, quality and long-life cycle. 

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CSO | Refraction Unit

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Refraction Units and more

 CSO is an International leader in diagnostic ophthalmic instruments since more than fifty years. Since when it was born, the company has grown and, thanks to the wise leadership of its founders Mr. Sergio Mura and Mr. Giuseppe Matteuzzi, it conquered wider markets up to become an undisputed leader.

New refraction units, made with new materials, enrich CSO portfolio together with a wide range of chairs and chest of drawers.

cso 15193712690391 cso 15193696297591

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Albert Hiess | Surgical Instruments



We are well-known for 90 years of experience in the development and manufacture of top-quality instruments for ophthalmic surgery.

Have a closer look at our range of innovative products. For more information on our products see the online instrument catalogue under “Products”.

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SIDAPHARM | Disposables

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Ophthalmic Disposables, Knives, cannulas and more

Sidapharm was founded in 2000 and is a CE Certified Manufacturer of Ophthalmic and Medical Disposables based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sidapharm is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the field of Ophthalmic Disposables worldwide, being present in over 100 countries around the globe, mainly through local distributors.

Knives box 2 250x130 knives website

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iCare | Handheld Tonometers & Fundus Imaging

Be in the front line of ophthalmology with iCare

iCare EIDON — the first TrueColor Confocal imaging device for ultra-high resolution widefield imaging

 eidon FA 600x600       Doctor patient EIDON RGB jpeg web 768x768

Increased field of view up to 200˚

 Laser Treatment 1080x1080 576x576       moments slider1500x900px12 web 768x768

Thanks to the EIDON Ultra-Widefield Module it is possible to increase the field of view up to 200˚, which helps to detect signs of pathologies that start to appear in the periphery. The Ultra-Widefield module enables retina from 120° with a single shot, up to 200° with Mosaic functionality.


 iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system with TrueColor Confocal Technology

   drs plus 600x600 centervue      centervue adimer 10392 ok web 768x576

iCare DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system uses white LED illumination to offer high-quality TrueColor images. TrueColor Confocal Technology, which is considered a standard of high image quality, provides detail-rich images with greater image sharpness, optical resolution and contrast when compared to traditional fundus camera imaging.

iCare IC200

iCare IC200 tonometer with 200 degrees positional freedom

iC200       iCare Home 2019 08 high res 24 768x512


iCare IC200 is the most versatile tonometer in iCare’s product portfolio. This flagship device is designed for professional use in the clinic as well as in eye surgery and emergency rooms. With 200 degrees of positional freedom, it can measure intraocular pressure (IOP) whether the patient is standing, sitting, elevated or in a supine position.



Vortex Surgical | Retinal Instruments

Vor logo

A global supplier of high quality - innovative surgical instruments & disposables for retinal surgeries.


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Gadhen Bilance | Ophtha Operating Table

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A global supplier of high quality - high end Ophthalmic Operating tables.

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