Chairman Message

Since the inception of Amoudico in 1998 I had a vision to transpire Omar Saeed Al-Amoudi Sons Co. into a leading Saudi Arabian Medical Company with prime growth in medical equipment, solution and services and to add positive value to the Saudi health care sector. Today almost two decades on that vision not only lives on but continues to gain momentum. Thanks to our customers and suppliers who contributed with precision and excellence to enrich this vision.

The past 15 years has been witnessing a steady growth of 20-25% annually to become one of the market leaders in Saudi Arabia in its specialty. The company continues its mission to play a significant role in developing the skills of leading medical practitioners.

Since then, we played significant role in introducing the most advanced technology in the market which benefits our customers and, above all, patients who are the main center of our concern, and that was combined with developing, training and enriching the end-users way of performing in best optimum way. As we do believe that the platinum quality if combined with same level of education reveals best outcome.

The Service department is drawing lot of higher management attention to make sure we are exceeding our customers’ expectations.

This vision continues as we do believe that there are still a lot to do to accomplish our commitments not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the whole Gulf Region, Middle East and North Africa, in parallel to acquisition of some of the sensitive products worldwide.

Human resource development being the core of Amoudico investment in the past few years, Amoudico always makes sure that they recruit highly professional, dedicated and multilingual workforce of biomedical engineering and health care specialists. to cope with the growing need of the market, Amoudico highly invests in continuously educating and training its employees and in increasing the workforce as required.